Pride in Nail Depot products!



Pride in our products!

At The Nail Depot we strive to give our customers not only a great deal but great products! We have so many different products, and also carry our own line among other big brands. By doing this we deliver amazing products, at a great value, saving you money. Here’s a look at just a few of these products we have made especially for you:

Kwik step top/base coat: At? The Nail Depot we have our very own line of nail polish top coats/base coats. We have regular top coat, base coat, 2 in 1, as well as matte finish. All these products have gotten great reviews and feedback and are great value. We also have quick dry spray to help dry you’re polish even faster!

Natural nails plus: If you have weak, brittle nails we also have our own nail strengthener to help get your nails back into good shape! So many people have tried it and say it works wonders.

Gel polish: One of the biggest products we carry that is our very own, is our gel polish line. It lasts a few weeks and we have a great variety of colours. Not only is it a great product but you get double the amount then what you would get with some other name brands! You get?a 1/2 oz of gel polish for just $15.00, making it affordable and efficient. Tons of spas are using this on clients and loving it!

Aloe Vera Gel : As someone who waxes themselves at home, I think after wax products are extremely important. When you are red, and irritated you want something that is going to give you relief. Our own aloe vera gel is one of the best, it instantly soothes and cools the skin, also removing any wax residue!

Perfect gel: We have our line of gels including builder gels, one step, white, french pink, and sealers. Works great, lasts, and looks great as well! Tons of people use our gel system for doing gel nails!

These are just a few products I have highlighted for you, if you look on our website or come into our store you will see the many great products we have to offer! We have resins, nail glues, pedi soaks, wax, cuticle oils and creams, and even brush cleaners! Why spend more when you can try our own products that customers have loved for years! If you have any questions feel free to ask, we are always here to help our customers 🙂





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