Tinting with RefectoCil


The world of tinting with RefectoCil!


So many people these days are tinting their eyebrows and their eyelashes! This is because it looks better, and helps your eyelashes appear longer and more voluminous while still looking natural. It helps to accentuate the full length of your lashes that are faded by the sun and water which makes it great to do before vacation and great for sport enthusiasts since it is water and sweat proof. A lot of people who wear contact lenses get irritated when wearing mascara, but tinting does not irritate the eyes. The great thing is that the tint penetrates each lash leaving no clumps like mascara would. You also don’t need to apply it daily and sleeping with it isn’t an issue, leaving you looking more vivid and expressive first thing in the morning, which is great! As you can see tinting can be an excellent option, lasting for up to 6 weeks and providing a broad spectrum of colour options for both eyelashes and eyebrows. Tinting is most effective when doing it on a regular basis because each time the tint penetrates deeply leaving the hair more intense and durable. Tinting is practical and time saving, making it globally successful for over 60 years now!


As most things these days it can be done at home, however, having a professional do it is a safer way to have it done, as getting tint or peroxide in your eye would be harmful! If you plan on doing just your eyebrows and would like to do it yourself educate yourself and make sure you are doing it correctly and carefully. If you plan on doing your eyelashes this is tricky as you are so close to your eye and would need one eye closed, therefore having it done professionally should be your only option. Also please read instructions, RefectoCil does require a developer just like hair dyes. They do come in a cream or liquid peroxide.


Here is a look at the 10 shades offered by RefectoCil:

No. 0 Blond- This tint is actually a bleaching paste used to lighten eyebrows and should NEVER be mixed with another tint. This can be used to achieve a natural colour as a basis before using the red or chestnut tint to intensify the colour. It can also be used to match a dark brow to a blonde dyed or bleached hair colour.

No.1 Pure black- Used to darken eyebrows or eyelashes leaving them bolder.

No1.1 Graphite- Used for grey eyebrows to subtly cover evenly with a light to dark grey.

No 2.Blue black- A black tint with a blue lustre for clients who want more. It goes well with certain faces and eye makeup.

No 2.2.Deep blue- Only suitable for light blonde/blonde lashes as it is a great match for blue eyes, and also fashionable.

No 3.Natural brown- A dark well covering brown ideal for people with natural brown hair who want a natural look. It is naturally beautiful and voluminous.

No 3.1. Light brown- A discreet natural looking enhancement of light blonde to light brown eyelashes and brows if no.3 is too dark.

No 4. Chestnut and No 4.1 Red- The new trend is to match eyebrows with hair dyed in red tones.

No 5. Violet-A deep purple used on eyebrows for people who like a little colour and vibrancy.

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