Healthy hoof! Cure to weak nails!




Breaking, splitting, brittle nails?

Do you notice your nails are breaking really easily, or splitting? Tons of people have this problem and want to find a solution. There are so many nail strengtheners out there, but not all will work as well as you hope. I know I have tried many and very few give great results! One product that has had excellent reviews, and proven to work is Genas healthy hoof protein treatment. This was actually used on horses and recreated for personal nail care. It was first used to strengthen horse hooves to provide protein and prevent breaking and cracking. If it is that good that it works on horses it will work wonders for you too. We have 1 oz and 4 oz jars of this treatment here at the nail depot, and at a great price. One thing to remember though is that breaking and brittle nails can be a sign of another health issue such as thyroid conditions and psoriasis. Here are some examples of more common causes:

– Dried out during the winter season

– Excessive hand washing

– Lack of calcium

– Anemia

– Eczema

– Fungus

– Aging

– Chemical exposure

– Long term use of nail polish/nail polish remover

– Low humidity environment

– Malnutrition

– Prolonged exposure to water

– Trauma (damage to the nail)

If you are having problems with your nails give healthy hoof a try you have nothing to lose, and might even notice a huge difference like a lot of people have! If not speak to your doctor and make sure no other health problems are going on 🙂


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