Nail art fun!

Here at The Nail Depot we provide tons of great products to our customers. One thing that is huge right now is nail art, especially doing your own nail art. So many people come in looking for nail art supplies because of tutorials and pictures they have seen on social media. One of the biggest sites right now that people are finding all these do it yourself ideas on is on Pinterest which I am sure many of you are familiar with. So here is a breakdown of some of the things we have here that can help you do amazing designs on both yourself and your clients.

Dotting tools: We sell singles as well as a package of 4. All dotting tools are double sided with different sizes on each end. These are great for doing perhaps polka dots, or flowers, or anything else your imagination wants to do.

Nail decals: These nail stickers or decals are super easy to put it on making them a quick added touch and great for younger children to play around with as well. We have insects, flowers, spirals etc.

Rhinestones: One of the most popular added touch on nails these days are gems/rhinestones. We all love sparkles and love the over all look! Our rhinestones are Swarovski crystals and shine beautifully. We have a wide variety of colours including clear, iridescent, light blue, dark blue, red, gold, light green, dark green, orange, fuchsia, and pearls. They come in a bag of 100, and you can also purchase an assorted bag or a disc of 120 🙂

Nail art brushes: When doing nail art you of course need special brushes in order to make fine lines and designs. We have single brushes including short striping brushes, long striping brushes, angled, spotting, fan etc. You can also purchase a 3 pack of nail art brushes.

Precision: This is a whole line of small nail polish bottles specifically for nail art since the brush is a thin long striping brush. This way you don’t even need to clean your brushes and can choose from about 30 different colours! These are a lot of fun and easy to use.

If you are interested in doing your own nail art of art for your clients there are tons of videos and pictures on-line. After you find something you like you already know we have a variety of supplies to help you do it yourself. Some of us have worked in the industry and have done some nail art as well and would be more then happy to help if we can. Why not get creative and experiment with all these fun ideas. Come take a look for yourself in store today or you can find our products on the website.






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