In A Rush!

Are you always smudging your nail polish before it is even dry? Tired of it just not drying fast enough? Our brand new top coat is quick drying (even faster with a UV light)?and has high shine! If you are one of those people who do their nails last minute before you have plans or an event to go to, or have kids and need quick drying time before having to tend to them then you will love our new product! No more sitting still for so long waiting for your nails to dry, or thinking they are dry and messing them up after carefully spending time painting them. This polish comes in a 1/2 oz size and is now available in store as well as on our website. You can also order it via phone 1-800-668-2256 or email and have it shipped, or add it to your next order with us and give it a try?:)


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