Charcoal/It’s benefits/New product

You may hear about Charcoal being used a lot now for skin care, it has become more and more popular and the newest beauty trend. Have you ever wondered exactly why? Well here are some of the many reasons people are loving it.

1. It draws out bacteria, chemicals, dirt, and poisons to the surface of your skin. It pulls out dirt and oil making your pores smaller and cleaner!

2. If you have acne prone skin it drys out any oil, so if you have dry skin avoid using charcoal too much as it can dry it out even more.

3. It is an all natural ingredient. Chemicals that are applied directly to the skin get absorbed into the blood stream without being filtered, so all natural is always much better for your skin and health!

4. It has antibacterial and anitfungal properties.

5. Clears impurtities that are responsible for black heads.

6. Gently exfoliates.

7. Can whiten teeth! By bonding substances that stain teeth such as from smoking, drinking coffee, etc.

8. Soothes bug bites/irritation, and draws out toxins, reduces pain/swelling.

9. Cleanses hair when added to your regular shampoo

What is the difference between activated charcoal and non activated charcoal? You may be wondering that as the term “activated charcoal” is used a lot when referring to products being used.

Well… activated charcoal is created for medical purposes. Regular chacoral is taken and heated with a gas that causes it to expand which creates a porous surface for trapping any toxins. This is where the term activated charcoal comes from.


Now that you know all about how great charcoal is why not try using products that contain it? We have a gena product line that is new that contains activated charcoal in a foot soak, foot scrub, foot mask, and foot/leg massage cream.



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